SEI Publication

Author(s): Barron, J. (ed.)

Year: 2009

In: Nairobi: UNEP. A report prepared for UNEP by Stockholm Environment Institute.

ISBN: 9789280730197

Type: Report



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Rainwater harvesting: a lifeline for human well-being

Ecosystem services suffer when rain and soil water become scarce. This in turn affects human livelihoods. The strain on water resources has led to an immediate need to find innovative opportunities that enable development and improve human well-begin without undermining ecosystem services.

The report "Rainwater harvesting: a lifeline for human well-being" which is edited by SEI researcher Jennie Barron, highlights the potential of rainwater harvesting as a way to create synergies in landscape management and human well-being. The report, prepared jointly for the World Water Forum by the United Nations Environment Programme and SEI , explains how rainwater harvesting can serve as an opportunity to enhance ecosystem productivity, thereby improving livelihoods, human well-being and economies.

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