WEAP: Water Evaluation and Planning system

WEAP is a microcomputer tool for integrated water resources planning. It provides a compre-hensive, flexible and user-friendly framework for policy analysis.

Many regions of the world are facing formidable freshwater management challenges. Allocation of limited water resources, environmental quality and policies for sustainable water use are issues of increasing concern. Conventional supply-oriented simulation models are not always adequate.

Over the last decade, an integrated approach to water development has emerged that places water supply projects in the context of demand-side issues, water quality and ecosystem preservation and protection. WEAP incorporates these values into a practical tool for water resources planning.

WEAP is distinguished by its integrated approach to simulating water sys-tems and by its policy orientation. WEAP places the demand side of the equation—water use patterns, equipment efficiencies, re-use, costs and allocation—on an equal footing with the supply side—streamflow, groundwater, reservoirs and water transfers.

WEAP is a laboratory for examining alternative water development and management strategies.

SEI contact: Jack Sieber

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