New book on adaptation to climate change

Written by Sturle Hauge Simonsen

Thursday, 22 January 2009 16:46

Pulls together some of the most significant writing on adaptation to climate change.

SEI-researcher Lisa F. Schipper and Ian Burton from the Meteorological Service of Canada and the University of Toronto, have edited The Earthscan Reader on Adaptation to Climate Change.

- We felt there was a need to collect some of the landmark works on adaptation to climate change in order to inform the rapidly growing interest in the topic, says Schipper.

The papers have been selected to give a sense of the debates that accompany the theories, emerging practices, and policies on climate change adaptation and development.

The book, which can be ordered via Earthscan, gives a breakdown of key adaptation to climate change from the past two decades. It is intended to provide young scholars, and others, with an introduction to adaptation. There are five sections:

- Adaptation Science

- Adaptation, Coping and Resilience

- Adaptation, Risk and Vulnerability

- Adaptation and Development

- Adaptation and Climate Change Policy