New collaboration platform on climate adaptation

Written by Sturle Hauge Simonsen

Friday, 27 February 2009 17:01

Share your experience on climate change adaptation work.

The weADAPT programme has recently launched a new initiative called the Frontline Knowledge Explorer (FKx) that offers a uniquely collaborative way of creating knowledge around climate adaptation. The first topic for the FKx is on climate adaptation and the links to disaster risk reduction.

FKx allows you to share your valuable first hand experience of working on climate change adaptation with fellow practitioners, decision makers, and others around the world. FKx is designed as an experiment in the co-production of knowledge, and will synthesise experience, good practice and lessons learned from a wide range of organisations and perspectives across the disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation communities.

Contributions welcome until 27 March The current topic is on the links between climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Everyone is welcome to contribute over the coming weeks up to 27 March 2009. After that the material will be collated into one publication, with credits to all those who contributed. The ideas, documents, views, discussion and comments will continue to be accessible from the wikiADAPT pages.

The weADAPT group hopes this will be an effective additional way to share knowledge and expertise.

Read more on Frontline Knowledge Explorer.