Seven ways to turn the Global Goals from words to action

Written by Caspar Trimmer, Nina Weitz and Åsa Persson

Friday, 25 September 2015 08:46

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The Global Goals for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) set global targets, but they will need to be implemented in the UN member states – both rich and poor. This blog post explores steps national governments need to take in order to turn the SDGs into national action agendas – and stresses the crucial role of politics in the process.

The final text of Agenda 2030, and its centrepiece, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are quite staggering achievements. But at some point they have to go beyond aspiration and into action.

The SDGs are expected to be adopted by international consensus in a few days in New York, and there are barely three months to go before Agenda 2030 goes live. Officially, the new agenda will become the instruction manual for development – in the rich world as much as the poor – on 1 January next year. But few governments seem to have done much serious thinking about what this means.

Earlier this year, our team at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) set out to see how far we could get in turning the SDGs into a national action agenda for Sweden.

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This is part of a series on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development appearing on the World Economic Forum's Agenda blog.

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