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Marcus Haraldsson

The challenges and opportunities of a changing world order lie at the heart of the SEI strategy. Understanding China’s role in this transformation is the core mission of the China Cluster.

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China’s political and economic influence is growing rapidly in an increasingly interdependent world. At the same time the country faces immense challenges in the areas of environment, resources and climate. China’s ability to meet  these challenges and embark on a  sustainable path of development is critical not only for the country's own future but also for the entire world.  

What we do:
Adopting a multidisciplinary approach to analyze and understand China’s social and ecological transition towards a sustainable future, the China Cluster:

- Performs research on the environmental and resource-related aspects of China’s development from the perspective of international relations and domestic challenges.

- Places China within SEI:s broader framework of research, and coordinates research that is relevant to China.

- Creates strategic alliances and interacts with a wide range of policy makers, NGO’s and stakeholders from the private sector.

Research focus

Chinese Economists 50 Forum


Stockholm School of Economics



Royal University College of Fine Arts
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