SEI coordinates UNEP black carbon report

Thursday, 26 May 2011 06:40

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The Stockholm Environment Institute synchronized input from over 50 scientists and dozens of experts from government agencies and research groups to produce the United Nations Environment Programme/World Meteorological Organization Integrated Assessment on how to reduce the environmental impact of anthropogenic emissions of black carbon and tropospheric ozone. This is one example of SEI’s research engagements; more are given in the annual report 2010, launched at the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability.

“SEI’s research covers most of the key issues within the environment-development nexus that our partner countries are currently facing. The institute has for more than 20 years delivered high-quality interdisciplinary research and analysis for key decision makers on environmental and development issues,” says Ulf Källstig, Head of Sida’s global programmes.

SEI’s annual report shows in practice how SEI works towards its goals – to help build a sustainable world and beat poverty by bridging science and policy. The report gives an overview of the institute – its mission, donors and partners, financial situation, communications highlights and environmental performance.

“Our annual report for 2010 shows how SEI’s work is responding to the call from the Stockholm Memorandum to provide policy relevant research that supports decision making for global sustainability. Examples of our work illustrate how environment and development can, and must, go hand in hand,” says Johan Rockström, Executive Director at Stockholm Environment Institute.

Highlights of SEI’s work presented in the report include:
- Recommendations to reduce air pollution in for climate protection and food security
- Research to improve rainforest policy to protect local livelihoods and curb climate change
- Support for scientists in the developing world to get their research published where it matters
- A new economic model for fair and efficient international policy on climate change
- Field trials to boost crop yields in sub-Saharan Africa
- Measures to tackle algal growth in the Baltic Sea
- Insights into how healthy ecosystems are crucial to meeting the United Nations poverty goals
- Policy advice on agriculture in the Mekong region for poverty reduction and environmental protection

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