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Study finds that Norwegian tax breaks will increase petroleum production by 8 billion barrels

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 00:47

SEI 2017 DB how tax support for the petroleum
The vast majority of Norway's new oil and gas fields would not be developed without tax supports, according to a new analysis that examines the impact of Norway's support for the petroleum industry on its climate goals.

One million premature deaths linked to ozone air pollution

Monday, 28 August 2017 11:00

"Smog" Photo credit: Simone Ramella [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr
New research links long-term exposure to ozone air pollution with one million premature deaths per year due to respiratory diseases, which is more than double previous estimates.

The new climate economy has the momentum to withstand U.S. withdrawal

Friday, 02 June 2017 07:05

Photo credit: Oliver Johnson, SEI (with the kind permission of Lake Turkana Wind Power and Winds of Change)
MEDIA ADVISORY: President Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement will put poor countries at greater vulnerability, but it won’t stop a worldwide shift to renewables and a new climate economy, according to scientists at SEI.

Developing solutions to urgent environmental challenges in Asia

Tuesday, 30 May 2017 02:53

The 2017 SEI Science Forum supports a dynamic and enduring exchange between science, people and policy, specifically focusing on the Asian region. Co-hosted by Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, SEI’s Science Forum 2017 will bring together 200 people guests and researchers in Bangkok, Thailand.


Scientists say acting to reduce global warming in the near term provides multiple benefits for sustainable development

Thursday, 04 May 2017 16:17

Paris, May 5, 2017: An article released in Science today said governments should commit to a near-term climate goal, which would help achieve global sustainable development goals and climate objectives over the next 25 years and keeps us on a pathway that limits warming to less than to 2 degrees Celsius (⁰C) by the end of the century. 


Sveriges roll i en oviss framtid – nytt program om geopolitik och hållbar utveckling

Monday, 19 December 2016 13:00

Mistras styrelse har beslutat investera 155 miljoner kronor i tre nya forskningsprogram över en fyraårsperiod. Ett av dem är Mistra Geopolitics som omfattar en total budget på 58 miljoner kronor, varav 48 miljoner kronor kommer från Mistra. Programmet kommer att ledas av Stockholm Environment Institute och starta under våren 2017.


Amid rapid change, major Arctic study highlights need to prepare for surprises

Friday, 25 November 2016 06:01

The Arctic Resilience Report, published today, is the first comprehensive assessment of ecosystems and societies in the region. It identifies 19 “tipping points” in natural systems that could radically reshape the Arctic in the coming century, and calls for urgent cooperation to build local communities’ resilience and capacity to adapt to rapid and widespread change.


Wastewater is a valuable resource – so why waste it?

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 23:00

A book published by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is pushing for a radical rethink of the way we deal with our excreta and wastewater – and illustrating how it can be done. To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we need to recognize wastewater and sanitation waste for what they are – a valuable resource – and see their safe management as an efficient investment in human well-being.


Skogen är viktig för att säkra framtidens klimat och välfärd

Friday, 01 July 2016 09:30

Bioråvarans roll som byggmaterial kommer att öka, inte minst inom industriellt trähusbyggande. Det visar en rapport som tagits fram av forskare vid Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) på uppdrag av Skogsindustrierna. Rapporten heter ”Den svenska bioekonomin: definitioner, nulägesanalys och möjliga framtider” och kommer att presenteras under Almedalsveckan. Den tar sikte på år 2050 och en av slutsatserna från rapporten är att oavsett samhällsutveckling så kommer bioråvara att ha ökande betydelse i allt fler sektorer, från bygg till drivmedel, kemi och materialkompositsektorerna.


Skilda åsikter om konsekvenserna för renskötare vid nystart av gruva

Thursday, 23 June 2016 13:00

Inom kort fattas beslut om gruvbolaget Boliden får tillstånd för en bearbetningskoncession för att återuppta kopparbrytningen vid gruvan i Laver, Norrbottens län. I dag lanserar forskare vid Stockholm Environment Institute och Stockholms universitet en unik rapport om vilka konsekvenser en gruvetablering kan resultera i för renskötseln och Semisjaur Njarg sameby. Rapporten visar att Boliden och samebyn har väsentligt skilda åsikter om nystartens konsekvenser.


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