UNFCCC Mitigation Module

For the UNFCCC, SEI has prepared a new handbook on conducting GHG mitigation assessments that will be distributed to all developing country parties to the UNFCCC.

This “mitigation module” has been developed to assist non-Annex I (NAI) Parties and is intended to provide the reader with an overview of mitigation in the context of climate change, sustainable development, and the framework of the UNFCCC. The module is one of four that will ultimately comprise a complete Resource Guide for non-Annex I Parties.

The handbook includes a brief overview of the science of climate change, a review of the concepts, structure and steps involved in a mitigation assessment, and a review of the most important modeling tools for mitigation in both the energy and non-energy sector sectors.

Relevant publications

Heaps, C., and Kollmuss, A. (2008). UNFCCC Resource Guide for Preparing the National Communications of non-Annex I Parties. Module 4: Measures to Mitigate Climate Change. UNFCCC. 33 pages