Supporting Long-Term Water Management Negotiations in the Klamath River Basin

SEI is providing support to settlement negotiations related to dam removal and long-term water allocation on the Klamath River.

The goal is to allow the Yurok Tribe and its partners to simulate water management scenarios in a computer model of the hydrology of the upper Klamath Basin in order to understand the implications of potential settlement terms.

SEI is providing technical assistance to evaluate settlement strategies that consider:

(1) possible changes in reservoir inflow associated with the acquisition of certain water rights and their conversion to stream flows

(2) physical alteration of project reservoirs

(3) volumetric limitations of the water made available to farmers in the Klamath Irrigation Project

(4) tradeoffs between the allocation of water between competing environmental objectives

(5) possible changes in reservoir inflows associated with climate change.

The settlement negotiations have the potential to bring stability to one of the most protracted water management struggles in the American West.

The Yurok Tribe

Partners: The Klamath Tribes