Emissions Inventories Manual

This work provides advice on the compilation of national inventories of air pollutant emissions.

Air pollution, particularly by pollutants responsible for acidic deposition, is of significant concern to the countries of Northeast Asia. Carried by prevailing winds in the region, some air pollutants can be transported across national boundaries. Addressing problems associated with these transboundary air pollutants requires coordinated regional planning.

The compilation of national inventories of air pollutant emissions in a consistent format by each of the countries is a first step toward coordination for the necessary modelling and planning.

Initially, as part of the UNDP/UN DESA Subregional Project "Energy, Coal Combustion and Atmospheric Pollution in Northern Asia" , SEI worked with China, the Republic of Korea (ROK), Mongolia, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Japan.

We produced a manual which provided methods for estimating both large point source and area-source emissions. Brief descriptions were provided of air pollution inventory and modeling initiatives underway in the countries of the region, and of regional and international inventory efforts underway around the world. A companion Excel Workbook was prepared for use as an aid and guide in preparing emissions inventories.

The project is funded by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.