Riparian Habitat Establishment in the Sacramento River System

SEI is working with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to develop a numerical model of riparian vegetation establishment.

The model will be used to study the effects of reservoir operations on the establishment and survival of riparian vegetation in order to develop operations scenarios that support healthy riparian forests.

In addition to model development SEI has was funded to manage a detailed field experiment to investigate cottonwood seedling growth. The experiment was conducted in collaboration with University of California at Davis researchers.

The resulting data from the experiment will be used to parameterize the Riparian Habitat Establishment Model.

Relevant publications
Yates, D., D. Purkey, J. Sieber, A. Huber-Lee, H. Galbraith, J. West, S. Herrod-Julius, C. Young, B.A. Joyce, and M. Al Raey. (2008) A Physically-Based Water Resource Planning Model for the Sacramento Basin, California USA using WEAP 21. Water Resources.

Funder: U.S. Bureau of Reclamation