SEI Contact:

Anton Cartwright

Time-frame: 2010–2012

The power of collaborative governance: Managing the risks associated with flooding and sea-level rise in the City of Cape Town

This project aims to understand and strengthen the governance systems that determine how risks associated with flooding and sea-level rise are addressed in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

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The project aims to:

1. Facilitating a shared understanding of the nature and perceptions of the risk of flooding and sea level rise in the City of Cape Town,

2. Assessing existing and alternative approaches to climate change risk management in the city, to guide the development of adaptation planning

3. Building on existing civic and City of Cape Town initiatives to develop multi-institutional knowledge platforms around urban flooding and sea level rise,

4. Assessing the nature of adaptive capacity and improved climate change decision-making that emerges during the project, with a focus on improved relationships and information flows between academia, civil society and the respective units within the City of Cape Town.

Funders: IDRC and DFID under CCAA programme

Collaborating institutions: SEI Cape Town and Oxford; University of Cape Town (African Centre for Cities and Centre for Criminology); City of Cape Town

Media brief: Managing flooding risk in Cape Town (Mail & Guardian Online, 2010.11.09)