SEI Contact:

Atakilte Beyene

Changing Ethiopia: Urban livelihood, gender, and ethnicity in Shashemene after 35 years

This research project aims to explore changes and transformations in urban-rural interrelations of Ethiopian towns.

It explores urban-rural mobility structures, livelihood systems, and changes in formal and informal institutions and economies. It also aims to understand the impact of thirty-five years (since 1972 where we have base data) of rapid and dramatic societal changes to the population of the case study town called Shashemene, located in Southern Ethiopia.

SEI researcher Atakilte Beyene and Centre of Gender Studies at the Stockholm University Prof Gunilla Bjeren are jointly carrying out the research. So far the first phase, extensive survey of 362 households, and second phase, detailed life stories studies of 11 household typologies, have been conducted. Preliminary results are in pipeline.

This projects aims to:

  • advance knowledge on livelihoods improvement and social change with particular emphasis on governance and institutional dynamics, and
  • improve both methodological and analytical approaches in livelihoods, adaptation, vulnerability, risk, gender, equity and economics.

The research project is financed by Sida.