SEI Contact:

Madeleine Fogde

Mobile: +46 73 707 8576

Time-frame: 2011–2012

For Market introduction of the medium-scale plug-flow biogas digester in Vietnam

Medium sized farms (more than 1000 pigs) are the fastest growing segment of the livestock production sector in Vietnam. They generate significant levels of waste; pollute waterways and produce millions of tonnes of GHG emissions. This project will promote the introduction of a medium scale biogas digester (50m3 -500m3), that will solve the manure management problem of medium size farms, whilst providing gas and electricity, and reducing carbon emissions.

The project will develop and stimulate a national sustainable commercial medium-scale biogas digester market to provide Vietnam with sustainable energy, benefit from its costs and time saving, reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and benefit from the health and environmental benefits through improved manure and waste water management.

The objective is to development and implement a business model to create an accessible market in Vietnam for medium scale digesters by introducing, piloting and testing a cost-effective medium-scale plug-flow biogas digester in 10 farm sites.

Jobs will be created through the development of a medium scale biogas sub sector, training of stakeholders involved will be an important part of the project. Environmental and health risks will be reduced as livestock waste disposal is improved thereby improving living conditions of poor communities.

This project will be conducted in cooperation with the China Node on Sustainable Sanitation.