NORD-STAR (Nordic Centre of Excellence for Strategic Adaptation Research)

The Nordic Centre of Excellence for Strategic Adaptation Research (NORD-STAR) aspires to a Nordic region that can adapt sustainably to the inevitable impacts of climate change and the unintended consequences of climate policy.

Making use of innovative science, advanced graduate training and effective communication, NORD-STAR aims to enable Nordic stakeholders to design and implement successful adaptation policy and practice. It also fosters a strategic approach to climate adaptation, making a novel contribution to the Nordic adaptation knowledge base.

NORD-STAR presents two key innovations. First, the use of state-of-the-art climate visualisation techniques in combination with policy analysis helps to bridge the gap between adaptation science and action. Second, by linking climate adaptation with climate policy, results of NORD-STAR will help public and private stakeholders at all levels to improve strategy development and decision-making.

NORD-STAR is currently focusing on three issues critical to both climate impacts and climate policy: land-use change, energy transitions, and insurance and finance.

For each, NORD-STAR researchers – drawing on backgrounds in the social and natural sciences, business and economics – analyse and communicate needs and opportunities for strategic adaptation using two methodological approaches: scientific visualisation and modelling, and policy analysis. This results in six projects.

SEI contributes to NORD-STAR with three post-doctoral researchers working on international policy issues related to Nordic adaptation decision-making, including trade, development and finance. Senior SEI staff co-lead two of the NORD-STAR projects and co-direct the centre as a whole.

Learn more on the NORD-STAR website, or see the NORD-STAR Twitter feed