SEI Contact:

Marit Sall

Time-frame: 2012

Water Protection in Pandivere and Adavere-Põltsamaa Nitrate Vulnerable Zone, Estonia

SEI Tallinn publication: “Water protection in Pandivere and Adavere-Põltsamaa nitrate vulnerable zone” (Veekaitsest Pandivere ja Adavere-Põltsamaa nitraaditundlikul alal) gives an overview, in Estonian language, of the current status of the area and problems caused by agricultural production to water bodies as well as gives recommendations for more efficient protection measures in the Nitrate Vulnerable Zone. The publication summarizes previous research results on policies and monitoring made in the area. It also reflects the outcomes of the attitudinal farmers' surveys carried out in the four Baltic Sea region countries and conducted for the Interreg project called Baltic Compass. The publication aims to understand the effect of different policy choices on water environment and cause of farmers' actions, including their opinion on water protection.