SEI Contact:

Tiit Kallaste

Telephone: +372 62 76 100

Time-frame: 2009–2012

W-FUEL - From waste to traffic fuel

The W-FUEL project combines waste, energy and traffic solutions in order to decrease emissions, costs and the use of materials. At the same time, the project promotes regional businesses and employment in waste treatment and energy production.

From Waste to Traffic Fuel project develops the production and use of biogas, a sustainable fuel that can be produced locally. The ultimate aim of the project is to reduce traffic-borne emissions. The two case areas (Harju and Lääne-Viru) are included that cover in northern Estonia about 45% of the Estonian population. The four case areas in Finland cover over 30 % of the Finnish population. The project is promoting biogas production and its use as transport fuel in these six case areas. Furthermore, the project will promote biowaste prevention as a first step of the regional waste policy. The project will be implemented in close co-operation with the municipal waste and sewage companies as well as stakeholders in agricultural and traffic sectors.

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