Afghanistan Development Planning WEAP Scenario Analysis for Robust Decision Making Under Uncertainty

The project will enhance and develop principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Afghanistan by showing the financial implications of a range of water management scenarios developed in WEAP.

Afghanistan’s economy is constricted by instability and conflict, which exacerbates poverty and has resulted in a very low level of development of water resources and very low levels of water-related services, including water supplies, hydropower, and other uses.

The World Bank, in cooperation with the Afghan government, is working to help mainstream IWRM for the Kabul River Basin using a Decision Support System that was envisaged to be readily adaptable to the other basins via the AWARD technical assistance project.

Under this project, SEI will integrate a financial analysis into the WEAP application built within AWARD. This will provide post-hoc accounting of the financial implications of specific water management arrangements, which can be compared across WEAP scenarios set up to represent a range of water management arrangements.

In order to explore the widest range of possible management options, the WEAP applications developed for the Kabul River and Panjamu Basins under AWARD will be run as part of a large ensemble experiment.

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