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Peter Erickson

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Time-frame: 2011–2012

Low-Greenhouse-Gas Consumption Strategies and Impacts on Developing Countries

A growing body of research shows how shifts in consumer behaviour could lead to reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By buying fewer goods, especially high-GHG items, and redirecting any spending to low-GHG alternatives, consumers could help reduce emissions.

This project aimed to quantify some of the distributional aspects of low-GHG consumption by tracing the economic impacts of the WRAP scenario for the UK through the global supply chain.

The findings indicate that lower-income countries could be disproportionately affected by low-GHG consumption in industrialized countries, suggesting that greater efforts need to be made to embed development considerations in efforts to reduce emissions from consumption in high-income countries, such as helping low-income countries reduce the GHG-intensity of production.