SEI Contact:

Harro van Asselt

Telephone: +44 186 542 6316

Time-frame: 2013–2014

Orchestrating International Climate Policy (RCR01)

This project explores the potential role of the UNFCCC as orchestrator of actions initiated outside of its auspices in three key areas of international climate policy: climate finance, REDD+ and short-lived climate forcers.

The key research questions are:

1. What are the rationales for the UNFCCC to act as an orchestrator for each of the three areas?
2. What are the risks and challenges associated with the UNFCCC taking on the role of orchestrator? And under which conditions would it be desirable that it adopts such a role?
3. How could the role of the UNFCCC as orchestrator be enhanced for each of the three areas (and how would this role change under different post-2015 governance scenarios)?