Renewable Energy for Development RED

This is the electronic version of the printed newsletter of the Energy Programme at SEI, which is mainly concerned with energy utilisation and technologies in developing countries.

Studies are carried out in close cooperation with local institutions. The printed version (ISSN 1101-8267) is distributed free of charge. This newsletter is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

red-newsletter-dec2010_101129_low-res-1Latest issue:
- Brazilian electrification program LPT (Light for All)

- Small-scale biomass gasification in Asia

- The expansion of soy production and trade in Latin America

- Carbon finance for woodfuels

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Vol. 21, issue 1, 2009, ISSN 1101-8267:

- EU 10% biofuel target: a win–win opportunity for Africa and the EU

- Zambian biofuels farm bears sustainable fruit

- Solar home systems light up lives in China

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May 2008 Vol. 21, no. 1

- Policies and partnerships for biofuels development in Africa, by Maria Milagros Morales
- Public-private partnership for the use of biomass gasification technology in Uganda By Sunil Dhingra
- A biofuels prenuptial: Questions for policy makers before the marriage, by Margaret N. Matinga
- Development of Local Biofuel Markets: A Case Study from Ethiopia, by Fiona Lambe
- Lessons from China: Rural Household Biogas, an Integrated Solution for Sustainable Livelihood Development, by Lailai Li
- Assessing the African Biofuel Debate: The Need for Sustainable Biofuel Development Strategies By Bothwell Batidzirai

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Dec 2007 Vol. 20 No. 2

- Financing the path to renewable energy enterprises by Eric Usher
- Asian biofuel development at a crossroads by Yong Chen and Jinyue Yan
- Highlights of first Africa high-level biofuels seminar by Fiona Zuzarte
- Access to clean energy for cooking in Ethiopia: impacts and potential of the Gaia Association ethanol-stove programme by Fiona Lambe
- Sweden looks at bioenergy from agriculture by Max Åhman
- Towards a new global agreement on climate change by Richard J.T. Klein and Mikael Román

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Special theme issue: Renewable Energy in the EU, May 2007 Vol. 20 No. 1
A Testing Ground for a Global Sustainable Energy Future: Overview of Renewable Energy in the EU

Country Focus
- Ireland and UK
- Nordic Countries
- Baltic Countries
- Poland
- Central Europe- Austria
- Germany
- Benelux Countries
- The Iberian Peninsula
- Mediterranean Countries
- Romania and Bulgaria

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December 2006 Vol. 19 No. 3

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