SEI Contact:

Madeleine Fogde

Mobile: +46 73 707 8576

Time-frame: 2012–2013

Linking Resource-Based Sanitation with Energy and Food Production in Brazil

The project will explore the opportunities for Swedish resource-based sanitation technique on the emerging Brazilian market, which is showing promising potentials for decentralized system solutions. The Swedish partners (research institutes and private/public companies), forming part of this project initiative have made important progress in achieving highly energy efficient and innovative decentralised schemes with technologies focusing on safe resource recovery in sanitation.

This proposal for establishment of a platform for collaboration aims at strengthen ongoing research initiatives with Swedish innovations on resource recovery with special focus on integrated waste management, energy generation, and reuse in agricultural production – resulting in water saving, low or no emissions to the environment, low-carbon, nutrient recycling, and increased energy and food security – contributing to climate compatible development. The initiative responds to the need of development of sustainable resilient energy and sanitation systems. Poor water and wastewater infrastructure, water scarcity and limited energy supply are common Brazilian issues that restrain the capacity to achieve human wellbeing and economic growth; hence the needs are immense to implement technology systems that offer efficient supply of water and sanitation, energy, and food, to generate long-term sustainability of urban developments.

Apart from setting up a collaboration platform, the project comprise a feasibility study including knowledge exchange in Brazil and Sweden through workshops and a pre-study of institutional and market framework, to verify that the Swedish innovations are suitable and attractive for the Brazilian market.