Mekong Partnership for the Environment Project (MPE)

The Mekong Partnership for the Environment Project (MPE) is an initiative funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to advance informed multi-stakeholder dialogues in Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) partner countries on the anticipated social and environmental costs and benefits of regional development projects.

The project will achieve this purpose through (1) increasing the capacity of civil society to influence development decisions that have significant anticipated social and environmental impacts; (2) strengthening regional platforms for multi-stakeholder participation in development decision-making; and (3) increasing public access to quality, timely information on environmental and social costs and benefits of development projects.

Furthermore, as a cross-cutting objective, the project aims to enhance the capacities of civil society organizations and regional institutions including their planning, management and service delivery operations and systems are adequate to directly implement USAID-funded activities.