SEI Contact:

Kaja Peterson

Telephone: +372 62 76 104

Time-frame: 2013–2014

Bridging global to national goals of sustainability: operational testing of the SEI methodology on effectiveness in implementation of multilateral environmental agreements

The review methodology was developed by SEI Tallinn and commissioned by UNEP Division of Environmental Law and Conventions in 2011. The testing of the methodology was funded by the Stockholm Environment Institute through its Programme Support fund provided by Sida in 2013–2014.

The review comprised the cluster of biodiversity-related multilateral environmental agreements: CBD, Ramsar Convention, CITES or Washington Convention and CMS or Bonn Convention. The methodology was tested in two different types of signatories of the biodiversity conventions – Estonia and Tanzania (which differ in size, population, bio-geographical region, institutions, etc.). The results are presented in SEI Project Reports, respectively in Peterson et al. (2014) and Senyagwa and Noel (2014). The summary report is a synthesis of the two country reports, which draws together the main findings and conclusions of the review process and recommendations for the operationalisation of the review for wider use by signatories of the biodiversity conventions.

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