SEI Contact:

Sulev Nõmmann

Telephone: +372 53 311 618

Time-frame: 2014–2016

Developing a Programme of Measures for the Estonian Marine Strategy

The main target of the project is to achieve or maintain good environmental status in the marine environment. The overall purpose is to develop a Marine Strategy for the Estonian marine waters in order to achieve the goals set out in the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

The project aims at carrying out the last three stages of MSFD and thereby improve the Estonian inland and marine water management systems. For this a marine strategy in accordance with the MSFD requirements will be developed, consisting of a monitoring programme and a programme of measures for the Estonian marine waters.

During the project a programme of measures will be developed for the Estonian marine area, which will increase the ability to manage pressures in order to achieve or maintain good environmental status of marine waters.