SEI Contact:

Harri Moora

Telephone: +372 62 76 108

Time-frame: 2015–2016

Project status: Active

Student innovation labs –a way to sustainable and socially responsible growth

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The project`s aim is to raise bottom up innovation capacity for the benefit of sustainable and socially responsible growth in universities in Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus participating in the project, based on the experiences from know-how partners in Denmark and Netherlands.

INNOLABS project partners include Stichting NHL (Netherlands), Aalborg University (Denmark), Cyprus University of Technology and Interfusion Services Ltd. (Cyprus), Estonian Academy of Arts and Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre (Estonia), and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Latvia).

The project includes the following activities:

  • Getting to know and exchanging information on the innovation labs and the best practices of design education and action models in universities in Holland and Denmark.
  • Analysis of the innovation and design activities of different countries. Creation of methodological guidance materials.
  • Creating Innovation Labs in the universities participating in the project where design studies will be carried out in close collaboration with enterprises and scientists.
  • Practical and project-based university courses will be created concentrating on the teaching of sustainable design skills in universitites.
  • As part of the courses, projects will be carried out during which students will receive knowledge and practical skills to carry through the different stages of product/service development starting with the generation of ideas and definition of problems to prototypes, testing and implementation.
  • Dissemination of the project activities and results.


The project will result in the creation of a innovation and design platform (Design Factory), already existing in many leading universities around the world, at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2016. The Design Factory will link product development and design studies with practice, bringing together scientists, students and entrepreneurs.

Also, in collaboration with SEI Tallinn and the researchers of the Estonian Academy of Arts (EEA), a new course (Sustainable Design) will be developed in EEA allowing students to aquire knowledge about the functioning principles of sustainable entrepreneurship as well as the methods of sustainable product development and design. An important part of the study process is the implementation of product/service development projects. The course is open for students from different disciplines.

The project is supported by the Erasmus + programme.

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