SEI Contact:

Michael Lazarus

Telephone: +1 (206) 547-4000 x1#

Time-frame: 2015–2017

Project status: Active

Fossil fuel production: ending subsidies and enacting constraints

New investments in capital-intensive fossil fuel supplies are locking in high levels of CO2 emissions for decades to come. This means that to achieve a low-carbon future, nations will need to discourage fossil fuel supply growth by removing financial incentives and constraining new production.

This project will work to develop a robust analytical and policy basis for reforming producer subsidies, developing new supply-constraining measures, and engaging international regimes to overcome long-standing implicit biases against supply-side climate policies.

International events and stakeholder meetings in target countries will provide platforms to engage decision-makers and motivate transformational change.  Communications via multiple channels will play a key role throughout, to facilitate stakeholder engagement, extend our reach, and influence policy debates as they occur.