SEI Contact:

Lisa Emberson

Telephone: +44 1904 322925

Time-frame: 2015–2019

Project status: Active

CiXPAG - Interaction of climate extremes, air pollution and agro-ecosystems

CiXPAG will investigate the complex interactions between climate extremes, air pollution and agricultural ecosystems. Climate extremes (e.g., droughts and heatwaves) and air pollution events often co-occur causing serious losses in agricultural productivity. Our understanding of how these stresses interact is poorly developed, and the consequences for agricultural ecosystems in some of the worst affected and most vulnerable areas are almost non-existent. Climate change and food security constitute key challenges to our society in this century.

CiXPAG has a clear innovative part linking changes in climate extremes and pollution effects on agricultural production. Novel methods will be developed to incorporate ground-level ozone pollution fluxes in statistical crop models and the estimation of crop yields. Socio-economic methods will inform the integration of regional climate and pollutant modelling methods to provide an integrated assessment of agricultural productivity under different climate and pollutant regimes, which will contribute to the framing of effective climate change adaptation strategies and air pollution regulations. CiXPAG addresses several goals of the call - climate change, pollution and ecosystems - and will build up expertise in a relatively new and vital research field for Norwegian climate research.

CiXPAG focuses on an important food producing region and knowledge gained in this project can be applied to other regions. CiXPAG is well-founded in international collaboration of interdisciplinary experts.

Funder: Norwegian Research Council

Partners: CICERO; University of Oslo; Norwegian Meteorological Institute; University of Vanarasi, India; Sustainable Atmosphere for the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal; University Federal de Vicosa, Brazil.