SEI Contact:

Louise Karlberg

Mobile: +46 73 707 8543

Time-frame: 2015–2018

Project status: Active

Using Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus to Promote Climate Resilient Decisions and Model Actions in Selected Landscapes along Akagera Basin

The goal of this project is to provide evidence-based policy guidance and promote local actions that promote climate resilience and participatory sustainable development along the Akagera Watershed in Rwanda.

The project will assess the impact of different development trajectories in the Akagera Watershed on food, energy and water security and the environment; key elements within EDPRS 2. It will build grass-root community enterprises, as models for integrating key elements of the water, energy and food security nexus.

The project is funded by FONERWA (the Rwandan Green Fund) and coordinated by the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) Network in collaboration with SEI, the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Programme (NELSAP), the Districts of Bugesera, Kirehe, Ngororero and Rutsiro, and various stakeholders and sectors involved in water, energy and agriculture in the selected Landscapes along Akagera Basin.

Download the project brochure (PDF)