SEI Contact:

Patrick Büker

Telephone: +44 1904 322890

Time-frame: 2017–2018

Project status: Active

The AIR (Action for Interdisciplinary Air Pollution Research) Network

SEI Project 2017 APIR Air Pollution in Nairobi 350px

This project will develop an integrated transdisciplinary method to address the topic of air pollution in informal settlements in Kenya, and will evaluate whether this method is effective through a pilot project co-created with local residents. The aim is that such a method will become a common language for working on environmental health issues and behavioural change. 

The network is comprised of 15 partners coming from a wide range of disciplines and they will use a mixture of methods to engage and communicate, including theatre, visual arts, mobile phones, games, story-telling and music. 

Funder: UK Medical Research Council (MRC) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Global Challenges Research Fund Partnership Award