SEI Contact:

Olle Olsson

Mobile: +46 73 270 4306

Time-frame: 2017–2020

Project status: Active

HYBRIT - Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology

graphic illustration hydrogen steel processIllustration credit: SSAB

HYBRIT is a groundbreaking effort to reduce CO2 emissions and de-carbonise the steel industry. The goal is to have a solution for fossil-free steel by 2035.

HYBRIT – short for Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology – is a joint venture between SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall, aiming to replace coal with hydrogen in the steelmaking process. A successful HYBRIT means reducing Sweden’s CO2 emissions by 10% and Finland’s by 7%.

In collaboration with Lund University, SEI explores opportunities and risks in the wider policy context where the HYBRIT development takes place, including analysis of enabling and restricting factors in the Swedish and EU governance.

The research is part of a Swedish Energy Agency supported programme researching technical and institutional aspects of the HYBRIT initiative.

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