Impacts of small reservoirs on livelihoods and food security

This project develops tools for small reservoir analysis and design; sets out methods for institutional, financial, and economic analysis; and showing a science-based approach to planning reservoir systems.

Using these tools and methods, decision makers and the farming community can collaborate to ensure the long-term sustainability of local water supplies and adequate downstream flows.

Well-sited, multi-purpose reservoirs making water available to smallholders are vital. With them smallholders can realize the ultimate goal of increasing the production of food, reducing poverty, and improving rural livelihoods.

International Water Management Institute
Center for Development Research, Univ. of Bonn, Germany
Water Research Institute, Accra, Ghana
University of Zimbawe
Embrapa, Brasilia
Direction Generale de l'inventaire des Resources Hydrauliques, Burkina Faso
Universidade Federal de Vicosa, Brazil

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Funder: CGIAR Challenge Program for Water and Food