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Kaja Peterson

Telephone: +372 62 76 104

Time-frame: 2004–2009

FP6 ALARM - Assessing large-scale environmental risks on biodiversity with tested methods

This project assessed large-scale environmental risks on biodiversity with tested methods.

The FP6 integrated project aimed to:

- develop an integrated large scale risk assessment for biodiversity as well as terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems as a part of environmental risk assessment.

- focus on risks consequent on climate change, environmental chemicals, rates and extent of loss of pollinators and biological invasions.

- establish socio-economic risk indicators related to the drivers of biodiversity pressures as a tool to support long-term oriented mitigating policies and to monitor their implementation.

- develop, for the first time, a research network that is consistently thinking, interacting, and investigating on a continental scale across different environmental problems (impacts) and across different spatial and temporal scales of ecosystem diversity changes.

- provide a contribution to objective based politics, to policy integration and to derive outcome-oriented policy measures in the field of biodiversity preservation by contributing to the integrated assessment of socio-economic drivers affecting biodiversity and integrated, long-term oriented means to mitigate them.

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Funder: European Commission DG-Research