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Author(s): Mehta, V.K., O. Aslam, L. Dale, N. Miller, D. Purkey

Year: 2010

In: Presented at the American Geophysical Union, Fall 2010 Meeting, San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 13-17. Abstract #H51D-0919

Type: Conference paper



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Scenario-based water resources planning for utilities in the Lake Victoria region (AGU)

Cities in the Lake Victoria region are experiencing the highest growth rates in Africa, at the same time that their water supply is threatened by domestic waste and industrial pollution.

This paper presents integrated water resources management models built using the Water Evaluation And Planning (WEAP) system, for three pilot towns in the Lake Victoria region: Bukoba (Tanzania), Masaka (Uganda), and Kisii (Kenya). IWRM models for each town were calibrated under current system performance based on site visits, utility reporting and interviews. Projected water supply, demand, revenues and costs were then evaluated against a combination of climate, demographic and infrastructure scenarios up to 2050.

This paper was presented at the Fall 2010 Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 13-17. For the full abstract, click here (external link).


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