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Author(s): Emberson, L., D. Purkey and G. Han.

Year: 2011

In: Emberson, L., D. Purkey and G. Han. 2011. Managing Environmental Systems. SEI Factsheet: Stockholm, Sweden.

Type: Fact sheet



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Managing Environmental Systems Factsheet

This fact sheet describes research activities and development actions conducted under the theme Managing Environmental Systems.

The research themes function as platforms for knowledge generation and as units for planning, monitoring, evaluating and communicating our achievements. Each theme has a clear long-term strategy. Within and across the research themes, SEI explores novel research ideas and responds rapidly to knowledge gaps and emerging policy demands.

Overall goal
The overall goal of the theme Managing Environmental Systems is to ensure sustainable human development by enhancing food security for an expected global population of nine billion people by 2050, reducing the health impacts caused by atmospheric pollution and lack of sustainable sanitation, and promoting air, land and water resource management to protect ecosystem services and climate.

Download theme factsheet (web PDF: 399kb || high-res PDF: 1.59MB)

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