Author(s): Li, L., X. Fei, J. Xu, H. Slater

Year: 2012

In: Adaptation Knowledge Platform, Partner Report Series No. 2, Stockholm Environment Institute, Bangkok.

Type: Report



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Scoping assessment of knowledge needs in climate change adaptation in China

This report scopes out knowledge gaps and unmet needs relating to climate change adaptation in China, and proposes ways to address them.

Published as part of the Asia Regional Adaptation Knowledge Platform (AKP), it is the product of an international collaboration between SEI Asia and Beijing Zhi Dao He Xie Management Consulting Co. Ltd. and their work with local and community development organizations.

A national scoping study on climate change had already been completed in China, but consultations with national policy-makers indicated a need for additional scoping focused on the adaptation needs in specific ecological zones. Accordingly,this report reviews existing climate change assessments and provides case studies of two ecological zones that have been identified as particularly vulnerable to climate change: the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwestern China and Guizhou province in the southwest.

The scoping assessment in China is one of the initial activities conducted with national implementing partners to help AKP define the adaptation priorities for a partner country, especially with respect to local research priorities, knowledge needs and capacity gaps.

Download the report (PDF, 892kb)