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Author(s): Castán Broto, V., J.Ensor, E. Boyd, C. Allen, C. Seventine, and A. Augusto Macucule

Year: 2015

In: UCL Press

DOI: 10.14324/111.9781910634202

ISBN: 978-1-910634-

Type: Book



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Participatory Planning for Climate Compatible Development in Maputo, Mozambique

This practitioners’ handbook draws upon the experience of a pilot project that was selected as a "Lighthouse Activity" by the UNFCCC.

Building upon a long scholarly tradition of participatory planning, this dual-language (English/Portuguese) book addresses crucial questions about the relevance of citizen participation in planning for climate-compatible development and argues that citizens have knowledge and access to resources that enable them to develop a sustainable vision for their community. It proposes a Participatory Action Planning methodology for work with communities, as well as mechanisms for institutional development through partnerships.

The book demonstrates how a participatory planning process can empower citizens to develop a collective vision and present it to government institutions and private firms. Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, provides the foreword to the book, the latest of a series of publications (papers, book chapters) based on work done in a pilot project in Maputo, which was recognizeda as a UNFCCC Momentum for Change "Lighthouse Activity" in 2013.

Download the book (PDF, 13MB)

Other options to obtain the book are available from the UCL website (external link)

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