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Author(s): van Asselt, H., R. Weikmans, T. Roberts and A. Abeysinghe

Year: 2016

In: European Capacity Building Initiative paper

Type: Paper



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Transparency of action and support under the Paris Agreement

This paper offers an analysis of some of the major questions raised by the Paris Agreement with regard to transparency, in the form of a commentary on Article 13 as well as other provisions of the Paris Agreement and Decision 1/CP.21 that pertain to the issue.

One of the key elements of the Paris Agreement is its “enhanced transparency framework”, set out in Article 13. Transparency of action and support is of crucial importance for the functioning of the Paris Agreement, as it can: help build trust and confidence among Parties; foster shared understandings by clarifying the information underlying Parties’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs); help mobilise domestic support for stronger climate action and further support; improve efficacy of action through enhanced learning; and hold Parties accountable for implementing their actions and maintaining and increasing their levels of ambition.

On the basis of the author's analysis, the paper identifies several areas where the Paris Agreement has left gaps in building a comprehensive and coherent transparency system, and offer recommendations.

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