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Author(s): Weikmans, R., Roberts, T., Falzon, D., van Asselt, H. and AdaptationWatch.

Year: 2016

In: AdaptationWatch (Weikmans et al.). 2016. Toward Transparency: The 2016 Adaptation Finance Transparency Gap Report. White Paper. Ch.3, pp 31-42. Available online at:

Type: Report chapter



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Towards Transparency: Adaptation Finance Transparency Gap Report

Chapter 3 discusses different components of the Paris Agreement and the accompanying Decision text to explore the new language on transparency of support and support for transparency. It makes recommendations for what is needed to fill the gaps still present in these two areas. 

Climate finance is at the core of the UNFCCC efforts to help the world adequately adapt to climate change, and is absolutely critical to developing countries’ abilities to prepare and protect themselves from climate change impacts. Transparency in the reporting of climate finance is crucial for building and maintaining trust among nations if the international community is to reach agreement on solving the existential problem of climate change. It can also markedly improve planning and effectiveness of efforts to help the world’s poorest and most vulnerable adapt to the climate impacts they are already experiencing and which are set to worsen. Despite this, adaptation funding information has often been obscured in the past, something that will likely continue if stronger funding and reporting guidelines are not implemented. The report lays out ten achievable steps to building stronger adaptation finance accountability. As we approach the first meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA1) at COP22 in Marrakesh, we call on negotiators to implement these strategies.

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