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GAP Forum Emissions Manual

Developing and Disseminating International Good Practice in Emissions Inventory Compilation

GAP Forum Emissions Manual The agreed revisions to the Forum Manual and Workbook have now been made and both are available for download only from this website.

Latest version November 2012: Version 5 Download Available Here

Aims of the project

To develop an international framework, including an emission inventory preparation manual and Excel-based workbook, to assisting continuous skills development and transfer and to help respond to the continuing severity of pollution in these areas.

The project, co-funded by BOC foundation, U.S. Environment Protection Agency and Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), produced a 1st stage report which summarizes the results of a study comparing existing international emissions inventory approaches with that of the Malé Declaration manual. Those features appropriate for countries with less developed capacity in inventory compilation were identified and recommendations presented for incorporated them into a Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum (the ‘Forum’) Manual and Excel Workbook.

A workshop was held at York University from 1-2 June 2006, attended by the regional experts and emissions experts from the project team, where the draft Forum manual and workbook were reviewed in detail and further improvements and modifications agreed. Participants at the workshop also discussed ways forward for the project including issues about dissemination of the Forum Manual as well as issues about capacity building and continuous upgrading of the manual.

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About updated version (V5). Updated since V4.2 - July 2012

About updated version (V4) Updated - March 2011

About updated version (V2.2)
About updated version (V2)

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This project is jointly funded by the BOC Foundation (in the UK), the US Environment Protection Agency (US-EPA) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

If you would like further information and to receive updates about future versions of the emissions manual please visit the GAPFORUM Website or contact:

Harry Vallack
Stockholm Environment Institute - York Centre
Grimston House
University of York

Tel +44 (0) 1904 432894
Email: harry.vallack (replace AT with @)

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