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Objectives and Origins

About the Forum…

The Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum supports the development of solutions to air pollution-related problems by promoting effective cooperation among nations at the regional, hemispheric and global scales.

It is undertaking this work in a rapidly evolving global context where climate change, energy dependency, economic development and sustainability are all critically interrelated with air pollution.

While focused on protecting public health and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollution, the Forum pursues flexible approaches that can also address climate change and other related concerns.

It also supports nations in their efforts to find cost-effective solutions that promote economic development and help alleviate poverty.

Air Pollution: A Serious International Health and
Environmental Problem Affecting Economic Development

Why a Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum?

Global Forum: A Brief Overview

Global Forum: Answers to Key Questions

The Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum:
Looking to the Future and Next Steps




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