Reducing Climate Risk

Theme summary

Emissions of greenhouse gases are built into our economic systems. Our research shows the benefits of a low carbon future and describes how we get there through mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The goal of this theme was to support the design, development and implementation of effective and equitable strategies for adaptation and mitigation in developing and developed countries, taking into account the broader challenges and policy objectives of sustainable human development.

We pursue this goal by developing and advancing new knowledge and insights into climate risk reduction. We address the need to consider climate risk reduction in policy and practice, in particular the management of energy systems, bio-resources and water resources. Our analysis focuses on governance, economics, vulnerability and equity.

The effective and equitable reduction of climate risk requires multi-sectoral action across all scales. We therefore cover local, national, regional and international policy, as well as initiatives taken by private firms and civil society. We also address knowledge and capacity-building needs of stakeholders – especially policy actors.

• conducts research on key areas of adaptation and mitigation
• provides timely, authoritative and pertinent policy analysis
• helps address knowledge and capacity deficits
• pioneers and applies innovative analytical tools, and
• develops and fosters partnerships.

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