Holger Hoff

Holger Hoff


Mobile: +49 179 842 9497

Title: Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: water management

Centre: Stockholm

    Holger Hoff is a Senior Research Fellow at SEI Stockholm. He is also scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

    His main research and development interests are: integrated natural resources management (the nexus), climate vulnerability and adaptation, sustainable production and consumption, teleconnections in the global water system, and planetary boundaries. His geographical focus is the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and Sub Saharan Africa.

    In Potsdam he works on sustainable land and water management and on downscaling of the planetary boundaries. He also advises German and Swedish Development Cooperation, e.g. on climate adaptation, mitigation and the nexus.

    Previously he was executive officer for the Global Water Systems Project (GWSP) of the Earth System Science Partnership and for the project Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle (BAHC) of the Global Environmental Change Programs, senior scientist in the International Dialogue on Water and Climate in the Netherlands, and research analyst for the Advisory Council to the German Government on Global Change (WBGU).

    Holger holds a doctoral degree from Potsdam University and a master’s degree from Bayreuth University, Germany in environmental sciences (geo-ecology).


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