Lisa Schipper

Lisa Schipper

Title: SEI Associate

Role: Associated with SEI Asia

Expertise: community-based adaptation, socio-cultural vulnerability, disaster risk reduction, adaptation methods and tools

Centre: SEI Associates

    Lisa Schipper is an SEI Associate working on adaptation and vulnerability to climate change in developing countries.

    Lisa's research interests include examining socio-cultural aspects of vulnerability to climate change and other natural hazards, the relationship between adaptation and sustainable development, the links between adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and water management and adaptation to climate change.

    Prior to joining SEI's Asia Centre in 2008, Lisa worked at the Southeast Asia START Regional Centre at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. She also spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow at the International Water Management Institute (a CGIAR centre) in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Over the last decade, she has worked and consulted for the UNFCCC secretariat, UNEP/GRID-Arendal, IISD, UNDP, UNEP, UN/ISDR, GTZ, DfID, Danida, World Bank and Oxfam.

    Lisa has carried out research in Latin America (Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua), Africa (Botswana, Ethiopia) and Southeast and South Asia. She has also spent many years intensely involved in the UNFCCC negotiations as a team leader for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

    Lisa is also associate editor of Climate and Development, published by SEI and Taylor & Francis.

    Lisa is a Lead Author of Working Group II Chapter 21 (Regional Context) of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (published in 2014). She was Lead Author of Chapter 2 (Determinants of risks: exposure and vulnerability) of the IPCC Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (published in early 2012).

    Lisa holds a Ph.D. in development studies from the Tyndall Centre for climate change research from the University of East Anglia (2004), an M.Sc. in environment and development (also from UEA) and a B.Sc. in environmental science (Brown University).

    Lisa worked at SEI from 2008 until November 2013 with SEI-Asia and SEI-US. She led SEI-US work on adaptation to climate change.


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