Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta

Telephone: +1 (530) 753-3035 x. 3#

Title: Senior Scientist

Expertise: water resources, forest conservation, micro-hydropower for rural development

Centre: US

    Vishal Mehta is an environmental scientist with more than 15 years of experience in water resources research, forest conservation and sustainable development.

    Vishal manages and leads policy-relevant projects on integrated water resources management, innovations in web-based geoinformatics, urban water and energy sustainability, and participatory planning in multi-sectoral multi-stakeholder contexts. He has worked in ten countries. His expertise includes forest ecosystem sciences, distributed hydrological modeling, and the use of several geographic information systems.

    Vishal's work portfolio includes integrated groundwater and surface water management in California basins; groundwater monitoring and modelling in Bangalore; developing a 100-year dataset of reference evapotranspiration for all of India; studying the impacts of land-use change on forest ecosystems; and modeling streamflow and runoff source areas in the New York City watersheds.

    Vishal received his Ph.D. in Soil, Crop and Atmospheric Sciences from Cornell University, Ithaca in 2007.



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