Corrado Topi

Corrado Topi

Telephone: +44 7552 285909

Mobile: +44 7769 601 784

Title: Senior Research Fellow

Centre: York

    Corrado joined SEI in June 2010, coming from private enterprise. He focuses on resilience and change in the context of integrated social, economic and environmental systems.

    He does research and works with policy-makers and corporate decision-makers on the following issues:

    - Transformation of the economy to meet the combined challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation, resilience and sustainability – in particular at local economy scale. He is particularly interested in the in the development of tools and methodologies to support decision makers, both political and corporate, and in the relationships between individual and company level and higher political and economic levels, e.g. micro and macro economics;

    - The global supply chain and its relationships with ecosystem services (that is, how ecosystem services affect and are affected by the global supply chain), particularly in a context of climate change. He is also interested to understand whether GHG emissions can be used as proxy measures for generic impact on ecosystem services or not, and if not how should we proceed, and which policies are the most effective in reducing GHG emissions as well as negative impact on ecosystem services.

    - Predictive modelling methodologies, in particular Multi Agent Based Models, statistic models, IO models and energy-economy models. He is particularly interested in applications to four types of problems: the modelling of network of socio-economic actors (for example networks of consumers and businesses at local level), the modelling of political decision making hierarchies, the modelling of infrastructure, the modelling of the energy supply chain and of the energy provision infrastructure. Methodologically, he is particularly interested in non rational socio economic agents, that are agents with personality who make context dependant, real world decision.

    At university, Corrado read theoretical physics and specialised in mathematical models for complex systems.

    He then moved to private enterprise, where he developed a career in project and programme management and subsequently head of unit and director (at strategic and executive level). He specialised in large international multi-language programmes with geographically distributed teams.

    He worked in the automotive and appliance industry and then in the consulting services to businesses, specialising in change management programmes and programmes with high IT/IS content.


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