Anders Wijkman

Anders Wijkman

Title: SEI Associate

Role: Associated with SEI Stockholm

Centre: SEI Associates

    Anders Wijkman works as an SEI Associate, affiliated with SEI Stockholm.

    Wijkman is a former EU parliamentarian, highly recognized internationally for his leadership on sustainable development and particularly for his work on bridging science to policy, and efforts to connect climate, ecosystems and development issues.

    He was the father of the Swedish Commission for Climate and Development which was hosted by SEI and is deeply engaged in several key arenas for science-policy activities on sustainability and development. Wijkman is chairman of the Club of Rome and The Swedish Recycling Industries' Association, commissioner in The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Tällberg Foundation and The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. Wijkman has written several books on topics including disaster prevention, the HIV/aids epidemic and sustainable development. His last books are "Bankrupting Nature" and "The Great Denial". Both are written together with Johan Rockström, Executive Director at the Stockholm Resilience Center.

    Wijkman has previously been secretary general for the Swedish Red Cross and The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, and elected to the European Parliament two times where he was responsible for the reports "Winning the battle against climate change" and "Global Climate Change Alliance". He has also been assistant secretary general in the United Nations and policy director in United Nations Development Programme.


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