Javier Godar

Javier Godar


Twitter: @javiergodar

Mobile: +46 73 707 8546

Title: Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: Supply chain mapping, SEI-PCS, drivers of deforestation

Centre: Stockholm

    Javier Godar joined SEI Stockholm in September 2012. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow.  His primary focus for the past decade has been on transitions towards more sustainable land-use systems in the forested tropics, currently funded by the Swedish Research Council Formas.

    More recently he has also looked at mapping the material flows of globally traded commodities such as soy, beef or palm oil, and impacts associated with their production.

    Javier´s research interests deal with developing a better understanding of social-ecological systems in tropical forested areas, to better inform rural development policies. He has particularly focused on comparing the socio-environmental influence of different Amazonian actors, and the implications for agrarian reform, regional governance and payment for ecosystem services policies. He uses a quantitative landscape perspective integrating GIS, remote sensing, landscape ecology, spatial modeling and social sciences. His research approaches aim to effectively integrate methodologies and data from social and natural sciences, which is a key challenge of social-ecological studies.

    More recently his interests have expanded to include the modelling of complex global supply chains, leading to the development of the SEI-PCS model and helping to develop the Transformative Transparency platform. This includes not only designing quantitative modelling methods for dealing with complex databases on production and trade of global commodities, but also the development of analytical approaches for translating spatially explicit data on social and environmental impacts into estimates of risk for different downstream actors (traders, investors, consumers).

    He holds a Forestry BSc/MSc from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (2003). In 2009 he gained a PhD in Natural Resources Management from the University of Leon (Spain), obtained while working for the EU-funded project “Forest management by small farmers in the Amazon. An opportunity to enhance forest ecosystem stability and rural livelihoods” (ForLive).


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