Louis  Lebel

Louis Lebel


Title: SEI Associate

Role: Affiliated with SEI Asia

Expertise: Climate change, resilience, ecosystems governance, knowledge systems

Centre: SEI Associates

    Dr. Louis Lebel is an SEI Associate for SEI's Asia Centre. He is the current and founding director of the Unit for Social and Environmental Research (USER) at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

    He is an editor of Global Environmental Change and a subject editor for Ecology and Society and WIREs Climate Change.

    Dr. Lebel's interests include: global environmental change, livelihoods, public health, development studies, aquaculture, consumption and water governance.  He has led several multi-centre comparative studies and contributed significantly to several research networks in the Southeast Asia region including the Mekong Program on Water, Environment and Resilience (M-POWER) and the Sustainable Mekong Region Network (SUMERNET).

    Dr. Lebel has been at Chiang Mai University since 1999 and began working in Thailand since 1991. For further details see: www.sea-user.org.

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